The A10 Concert Band is the adult concert band of East Herts Music Centres. The band is an extension of the very successful A10 Orchestra offering adults who play wind and brass at grade 3 and above the chance to work together 3 or 4 times each term and explore some repertoire.
There are no formal entry requirements: rather the emphasis is on making music together. New members are welcome to come to play, or initially to just watch a session.
We have a repertoire of originals and arrangements, classics to ‘moderns’ music from shows, film-scores etc.
For further information about The A10 Concert Band & The A10 Orchestra (rehearsal venues, directions and maps), the 414 Choir (the Music Centres’ adult SATB choir, RAGS (the Music Centres’ adult recorder group), East Herts Youth Orchestra, East Herts Concert Band please contact David Boarder at East Herts Music Centres, Ingram House, Bishops’ College, Churchgate, Cheshunt EN8 9NH tel: 01992 623489 fax: 01992 643795 email:

13 to 15 June 2008.
The band has an invitation to take part in the music festival in Volkach over the weekend. Volkach is a very beautiful town in the Main region of Germany, east of Frankfurt and just a bit on from Wurzburg, in the centre of the wine production area.
Friday 07.20 Ryanair flight Stansted to Frankfurt Hahn Hire car to Volkach
Saturday & Sunday various gigs and opps for eating and drinking.
Monday 18.10 Ryanair flight Frankfurt Hahn - Stansted

Current price £59.53 - includes taxes and 1 suitcase. Add £7 for insurance and £6 for priority boarding if you wish
Car hire
(info from £120 - £180 per car. Hahn to Volkach is about 165 miles - see

(info from not many rooms available within 20km of Volkach. From about 15km outwards singles are from 150 euros for the 3 nights, doubles/twins from 210 euros
2 people, one car, one room B&B = approx £480 = £240 each - then meals and drinks and fuel for the car

4 people, one car, 2 rooms &B = approx £780 = £195 each - then meals and drinks and fuel for the car
If you are interested in joining the group please let me know. We will need a group of about 20 to make it viable musically – I can arrange pieces for more or less any combination of winds, strings and brass so long as there wide range of instruments. To-date we have 3 flutes, 1 oboe, 1 percussion and 1 string bass – clearly not enough but it’s a start.
David Boarder
Tel: 07876 444701